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State of the Art Security

Well protected by a state-of-the-art security system.


Modern screening and entertainment room.

Lush Garden

Lush gardens perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Infinity Pool

A sizable, inviting rimflow pool beckons our guests to take a refreshing dip.

Hot Tub Spa Pool

Beautiful relaxing hot tub spa pool.

Outdoor Braai

Outdoor braai facilities for our guests.

Welcome to  luxury holiday bungalow La Bellotte with its own, heated swimming pool in the French Vendée

La Bellotte Home features six attractively furnished en-suite bedrooms, magnificent outside entertainment areas plus a sizable rim flow pool, lush gardens, plus a spa pool plus a modern business center with a fully equipped fitness center and cozy wine cellar. Each subject of lodging is conducive to a romantic experience of ultimate relaxation and the whole property is well protected with a state-of-the-art safety system.

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Aligning Garage Door Eyes

Photo Eye Sensors on Garage Doors: All you need to know
Photo eyes on your garage doors are an important safety feature. Since
1993, all garage door systems have been required to have this added
feature. Although they are an extra safety precaution, photo-eye sensors
can also be the cause for many garage door problems. It is, therefore,
crucial to understand the photo eye sensors and how exactly they work.

The primary role of photo-eye sensors is to ensure that nothing is blocking
the door’s path. Together with the auto-reverse mechanism, the photo eye
sensors make the garage doors safe and reliable. Without photo-eye sensors,
when one uses the remote to close the garage door, the door would close
regardless of whether or not there was someone or something in its path.

How do they work?
Photo-eye sensors are located on either side of your garage doors, about 6
inches from the ground. The sensors send out an invisible laser beam that
connects them. Should anything obstruct this beam so that the sensors are
not connected, the sensors signal the system to break the circuit. The
garage door will, therefore, not close.

How do I know they are broken?
Unfortunately, photo-eye sensors can easily break down. In case you notice
one or both sensors are not working well, you need to get them fixed in the
shortest time. Garage doors can cause serious injuries, especially if the
sensors aren’t working.
Here are a few telltale signs that your sensors are not in good working

A blinking light on one of the sensors, or even on your garage door opener.
The garage door opens with no problem but refuses to close.
You begin to operate the door but it reverses on its own. For example, you
may summon to open the door, but it only opens partly and then closes on
its own.

Before calling a garage door company to take a look at your sensors, you
can do so yourself. Try clearing out anything in the garage that may be
obstructing the laser beam. You may also try adjusting the sensors,
although be careful not to use too much pressure as you can break them. At
times, sunlight can affect how the sensors work. If direct sunlight is
hitting the sensors, try getting some shades to block it.

How do I maintain the photo eye sensors?
To save yourself the trouble of repairing and replacing the sensors, a
simple maintenance routine can help. But, first, consider hiring a garage door repair company.

Here are a few tips that will help you
maintain the sensors in perfect working condition.
Use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the sensors, while being careful not
to move them out of place.
Ensure that all debris is removed from around the area with the photo eye
Occasionally check the wiring to ensure that neither has come loose.
Make sure kids do not play with the garage door system. They could tamper
with a lot causing the sensors not to work.
Once you are done cleaning, test the door to ensure it is working properly.

Vinyl Vs. Steel.edited.doc

Vinyl Vs. Steel: Which one is better for my garage door?
Traditionally, garage doors were made of wood. However, with time, more
materials have been used to make garage doors. Steel and vinyl are some of
the materials that are commonly used. When choosing garage doors for your
home, the options available may overwhelm you. So what do you choose
between steel and vinyl?
It is imperative to know that both materials have their pros and cons. Here
are some of them to help you make an informed decision.

Steel Garage Doors
Steel garage doors are by far the most common you will find in the market.
They are a great choice, especially if you are going for durability. Steel
garage doors are light and quality ones come with long warranties. These
doors are a great deterrent for outsiders. However, steel doors are easily
prone to dents and dings. They are also poor insulators and you may have to
consider extra insulation for them. Steel doors are also more difficult for garage door repair companies to fix dents in.

Vinyl Garage Doors
Vinyl garage doors offer the best contrast for cost and sustainability.
They are also quite durable and unlike steel, they are more resistant to
dents and scratches. They also offer great resistant to harsh weather
conditions. However, customizing your vinyl garage doors may not be as easy
as with the steel doors. Just like the steel doors, they are poor
insulators, although some are manufactured with internal insulation.

Here’s what to compare when deciding between the two
You will certainly want to choose garage doors that complement the outward
look of your house. Both steel and vinyl doors can be customized to have
the popular wood-look. However, vinyl doors do not look as realistic as
steel doors. Customization with steel doors is also easier as compared to
vinyl doors.
Although vinyl garage doors are more expensive than steel ones with regards
to the initial costs, the cost-effective benefits outweigh the initial
costs. If you are working on a low budget, vinyl may be a great option for
you once you take into account the warranties and maintenance costs.
Both steel and vinyl garage doors are poor insulators. In most cases,
however, steel doors are made of two sheets with a layer of insulation in
between them. Often, vinyl doors are left insulated. This makes it
difficult for them to maintain a consistent temperature in your garage. You
can, however, opt for aftermarket options to insulate your doors.
Regular mechanical maintenance is required so as to extend the life of your
garage doors. When it comes to vinyl doors, though, very little maintenance
is required in terms of visual appeal. Steel doors require constant
painting as the paint wears off due to sun exposure. Vinyl is also more
resistant to dents as compared to steel. If you live in an area with cold
climate, steel may be the better option for you. Cold weather causes the
vinyl to crack while steel would only get dented under the same conditions.

Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Vendee

Vendee is located in France and is one of the major tourist attractions there. In case if you are in France on tour, the tour is definitely incomplete without visiting Vendee. But what is so special about the place? The place is very much exciting with a lot of great things to do. Favorites are always subjective in nature. So here I am going to list the top 5 things that you must do if you are in Vendee. Read further to check if your favourites match with this.

Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Vendee

Vendee Miniature:

Vendee Miniature is a museum that comprises of all miniature handmade articles. More than 600 handmade articles are present among other displayed objects. The place is also known as a miniature village as it comprises of 30 trade and shops. All the items that are present in the miniature village are made out of real materials.

Le Puy du Fou:

Le Puy du Fou is a historical theme park that attracts more than 2 Million visitors every year. This theme park is the most popular theme park in France only to be surpassed by Disneyland Paris. The park came into existence in the year 1977 and had gained a lot of significance since the beginning. The theme park has more than 25 main shows each show consuming of about 30 minutes. So you will need one whole day only to see the shows that are played there.

Medieval Castles:

Visit the Chateau de Talmont and many such similar castles and chateaux in Vendee. Vendee is a place of historical significance, and thereby you can find a castle or a chateau almost at the end of every street. These castles built are filled with so much of architectural beauty that it will make your jaws drop.


So is Vendee rich only in history? No, they are quite religious as well. Vendee has a lot of abbeys and monasteries to visit. The place is filled with so many of them that date centuries back, and few of them were built as early as in the 11th Century A.D with so much of intricate artwork. Also, many people believe that most of the monasteries that are preserved right from 10th century A.D. As a part of the latest renovation work, 3D effects and different lighting techniques are added to delight the visitors.

Choose trains to travel:

Steam Engines are something that we can see only in the pictures as they have gone so old that they have become monuments. The today’s generation will never be able to enjoy the lovely experience of training in a steam engine. It is true or is it what we believe? Yes, you are getting it right. Though steam engine and trains that leave a smoky trail are things of the history, you can still relive if you are in Vendee. It is a two and a half hours travel that you will never forget in your life.

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Vendee

Vendee is located in the western part of French boundary and is one of the best places to visit in France. Vendee apart from a lot of tourist attractions are known for their food styles as well. No matter where you go the most important that we long for is good food. Food is one thing that we desperately miss when we are away from home. However, the same will not be the case if can get good food just in and around. So today we will see the culinary habits of the locals of Vendee, and we will also see the top 5 hotels ranging for the expensive to the cheap ones where you get some of the best food in town.

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Vendee

List of top 5 restaurants:

La marine:

Looking for a nice hotel to throw a party? La marine is what you are looking for. With class and culture, the restaurant is one-stop for fine dining. Most of the times people don’t prefer restaurants like La marine as they do not fall within the affordable range.  That being the case, you need not have to fear that way with La Marine. You are simply paying for what you are enjoying, and it is worth a shot.

Creperie Du Port:

Looking for a cheap hotel to stop short and fill your tummy? Then Creperie Du Port is one place that you would prefer. Will a range of dishes that are pretty much affordable you will simply feel at home when you are in Creperie Du Port. So in case if you are in Vendee with a lot of cash, even then try Creperie Du Port once, and you will absolutely love.

La Suite s’il Vous Plait:

La Suite s’il Vous Plait falls somewhere in between the high-priced and the cheap ones. La Suite s’il Vous Plait is also one of the well-known places where you can find good seafood and fresh ducks. So if you aren’t a strict vegan, you will have to try out La Suite s’il Vous Plait.

Restaurant Cote Ouest:

If you are looking for a place to have breakfast them Restaurant Cote Ouest is one of the best places to have them. Out of the large number of restaurants that are available, the place is good for the price and offers a large variety of dishes. That is why Restaurant Cote Ouest is, in fact, the best place to dine when it comes to breakfast

Restaurant Thierry Drapeau:

Unlike the above-stated hotels that do not let you reserve places online, Restaurant Thierry Drapeau gives you the opportunity to book and reserve your place earlier online. We live in a busy world, and it is not affordable to go to a restaurant and come back disappointed as the restaurant is full. So Restaurant Thierry Drapeau helps you to reserve your place, and you are good to come as you please.



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